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We strive to share and promote new music from a wide variety of genres and styles ranging from mainly Folk, Indie Folk, and Acoustic. We are the fastest network to promote the greatest artists on our YouTube channel and Spotify Playlists, and we do some additional promotions on Instagram. We prefer mellow to mid-tempo music, mainly Folk, Indie Folk, Singer Songwriter or Acoustic and we're suckers for gloomy and soulful songs, as well as piano and strings, but we also enjoy/share other laid-back and relaxed vibes/genres. we don't feature anything loud, such as Rock, Alternative, Rap, Heavy Electronic, and so on. We must maintain the correct tone and feel throughout all of these playlists. If we deny your song, don't anticipate a thorough review because we're just music fans, not producers. Submit your music: We won't include cover songs, demos, or live recordings; Only tracks with English vocals are included. We prefer tracks that are no more than two months old. It's best to submit tracks 2-3 weeks before the release date. Sharing artists, creating a community, and helping people are what move us to continue this journey, I'm eager to hear your music and see you. :)
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Indie folk
Indie pop
Country Americana
Indie rock
Elle·il veut principalement recevoir...
  • Genres
    Indie folk
  • Ambiances
    Good vibes
  • Caractéristiques
    Guitare acoustique
    Tous supports
    Disponible sur Spotify
    Potentiel international
    Présent sur les réseaux
    Artiste indépendant
Elle·il est ouvert à recevoir également...
  • Genres
    Chill out
    Country Americana
    Indie pop
  • Ambiance
  • Caractéristiques
    Jeune projet
    Artiste entouré
Elle·il ne veut surtout pas recevoir...
  • Genres
    Bass Music
    Beats / Lo-fi
    Classical music
    Dance music
  • Caractéristique
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If I approve your song, I will add it to one of my playlists or my Youtube Channel. Playlists: 1- sad/chill songs that heal / 2022 October 2- Unhappier. and Youtube Channel 1. Unhappier
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