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Gruvehunter is an international yet intimate team of music creators and influencers. We are a uniquely global and colorful artist-driven music production, sync licensing, and original music team headquartered in Chicago, USA with label partners in Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, Argentina and France. Our songwriters, composers, and artists are a collective with major credit placements in advertising, film, TV, video gaming, film trailers, sports entertainment, and sonic branding. Our team has composed and produced music for a diverse set of content creators and brands, including HBO, Showtime, McDonalds, Netflix, American Airlines, BMW, Hertz, Nickelodeon, BET Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Sports Baseball, NBA, NFL Football, ESPN, Harley-Davidson, Ford, Budweiser, Sprite and Coca-Cola. We are driven by an unmatched passion for music, and we are thoroughly immersed in the spirit of collaboration with our creative partners to write, produce, record, and license the music to propel your brand upward. Our A&R team works carefully and selectively to expand our catalog. We are Grammy nominees and Grammy winners, genre originators, Billboard Hot 100 charters, underground producers, and up-and-coming singer songwriters. Our collective covers a wide range of styles and genres that include Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeats, Electronic, House, Rock, Latin, Folk, and Cinematic. Gruvehunter additionally offers a uniquely deep and diverse collection of Hip-Hop that covers classic hip-hop, trap, boom bap, golden era, lo-fi chill hop, drill, melodic, breakbeat, R&B hybrids, Latin-based urban music, and more. Our priority number one is creating, searching, cultivating, and ultimately delivering the highest quality music for your production or brand.
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  • Genres
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Afro House / Amapiano
    Funk Brésilien
    Musique de film
    House music
    Hip-Hop instrumental
    Pop rock
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  • Caractéristiques
    Sons électroniques
    Sons urbain
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  • Genres
    Musique africaine
    Musique Brésilienne
    Deep house
    Pop soul
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We facilitate sync placement opportunities for artists, composers, songwriters and producers in TV, film, advertising, video games, sports and branding. We empower artists and embrace creative freedom. We are committed to providing artists with the freedom to create, explore, and innovate. Our mission is to support and enable musicians to break free from constraints, encouraging them to express their art in any genre-bending way they desire. We believe in the power of creative freedom.
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