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Indie Vibin’ w/Jae is a captivating and dynamic radio show that celebrates the world of independent music. Broadcasting for two hours daily on, & from 12a-2a Eastern Standard Time, this open format show monitored by Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through a vast array of genres and talents. The rotation changes monthly, and has a respective Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music playlist. Led by the charismatic host Jae, the show serves as a platform to showcase the extraordinary talents of independent artists from all corners of the globe. With a keen ear for exceptional music, Jae curates a rotation that is diverse, eclectic, and always on the cutting edge. From indie rock to alternative, from folk to electronic, Indie Vibin’ w/Jae ensures that every listener is exposed to a vibrant tapestry of sounds and styles. What sets this show apart is its unwavering commitment to independent artists. By shining a spotlight on these talented musicians, Indie Vibin’ w/Jae provides a platform for their voices to be heard and their artistry to be appreciated. Listeners have the opportunity to discover emerging talents and hidden gems, making each rotation an exciting and enriching experience. Indie Vibin’ w/Jae not only entertains but also fosters a sense of community. By featuring artists from around the world, the show brings together a global audience that shares a passion for music in all its forms. Through interviews, discussions, and interactions with fans, Jae creates an inclusive and welcoming space that encourages dialogue and connection. In summary, Indie Vibin’ w/Jae is an enthralling radio show that champions independent music and artists. With its open format, global reach, and commitment to showcasing diverse genres, this two-hour daily journey is a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh and exhilarating musical experience. I also am the creator host of my weekly Instagram Livestream series, "Friday Night Hour w/Jae" (171 weeks and counting), where I interview and highlight fellow indie artists and creatives and introduce them to a new audience.
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Indie pop
Pop rock
Alternative rock
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  • Genres
    Dance music
    Indie pop
    Modern jazz
    Pop punk
    Pop rock
    Urban pop
  • Ambiances
    Univers fort
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    Expérience sur scène
    Présent sur les réseaux
    Artiste entouré
    Album à venir
    Jeunes talents
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Chill out
    Indie folk
    Pop soul
  • Ambiances
    Good vibes
  • Caractéristiques
    Disponible sur Spotify
    Artiste indépendant
Elle·il ne veut surtout pas recevoir...
  • Genres
    Death / Thrash
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
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I am the creator/host of a daily 2-hour internet radio show called "Indie Vibin' w/Jae" that airs on and, with more station additions to come. The rotation changes monthly, but I can offer at least 1 month of airplay which includes the respective Spotify, Apple music and YouTube playlists for that month. The added benefit of the radio play, is that the songs are montiored by Digital Radio Tracker, so the artist/songwriter will get royalties for each spin. I also am the creator host of my weekly Instagram livestream series, "Friday Night Hour w/Jae" (171 weeks deep), where I interview and highlight fellow indie artists and creatives and introduce them to a new audience. I can offer the artists that submit this option as well.
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