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Darren Stone has been a professional composer and producer for 15 years. Starting out in Southampton dabbling for a short stint working for Mark Hill (Craig David, Artful Dodger) and co-writing with Steve Hillier (Dubstar) soon led to Darren’s first break in TV working for Endemol Entertainment. In the early years Darren worked on documentaries for Discovery, adverts for Saatchi and Saatchi, promos for Disney and primetime shows including Football Saved My Life starring Neil Ruddock (Bravo), Football Icon (Sky One), Staying In With Greg and Russell (BBC) presented by Greg James and Russell Kane and original music for the BAFTA’s. In 2011 Darren signed to Sarah Liversedge at BDi, during that period he scored all of BBC’s Live format shows including Lambing Live, Wales Live, National Treasures Live and the hugely successful Stargazing Live featuring Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain. In 2013 Darren started production on a campaign for Disney Juniors, the brief commissioned by Creative Director Simon Dean was to compose an original song to encourage children to be happy, active and “get up and dance”. Not to let the core message get away, the titled Get Up and Dance has been a global success, translated into multiple languages, licensed for merchandise, number one album on Amazon’s Children’s Charts and over 53 million Youtube views worldwide. Composing and songwriting for Disney has continued including promo work for all Disney channels and songs for Summer and Christmas campaigns, Darren has also composed and produced songs for the popular animation series The Happos Family (Warner Media). From 2018 Darren has worked for Warner Media including producing continuity music for the Boomerang Channel and scoring music promos for animation series such as The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Adventure Time and Clarence as well composing original music and sound design for the Cartoon Network’s Theme Parks including Ben 10 Adventurer and the Adventure Time, Dark Ride; more recently Darren has worked extensively on the computer game series Ben 10 Superhero Time. Darren left BDi in 2016 but has continued to work for Sarah Liversedge producing a number of albums for Standard Music and Brittanica, part of Buck Music. Albums for The Nerve have been featured on many shows including extensive use in the documentary series A Greek Odyssey With Bettany Hughes, American Monster, Derren Brown Live and more. Darren’s musical background started as a live musician and producer; this DNA is found in all his work, which contributes to his unique self-taught approach when scoring, exploring sound design or composing original music. Latest work includes international campaigns for Pokemon's Scarlett & Violet (TCG) and Cartoon Network Games.
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I can help advise artists on delevoping their careers with regards to monetising music for sync liscensing. I can help and advise the best publishers and music supervisors to pursue in order to achieve successful placements. Part of an artists business plan should be to monetise their work with carefull placement and associations with brands. My knowledge and work in the industry both as a composer and business owner can help support, guide and mentor artists in fullfilling sync opportunities to both further thier careers financially and in helping to grow new audiences through carefully managed placements. My work as a composer has led me to develop expert audio skills, I have been lucky enough to work with some great producers, mix engineers and mastering houses. I can give invaluable advise and feedback on both the creative aspect of composition and arranging as well as the technical production side, which has come to be so essential in today's professional market.
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