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Knake is host, curator and owner of Bands Under The Radar (BUTR). BUTR is a music podcast, blog and record label founded in 2004 that features unsigned bands and indie artists. BUTR podcasts have been downloaded over 4 million times, growing its grassroots fan base by introducing true music lovers to the best bands and songs that they have never heard of. BUTR’s sole purpose is to be a trusted online music channel for a niche audience of music lovers who love to discover new music. BUTR aims to filter out the noise and present only the best of the best. Knake launched her music career in 2003 at APA where she assisted booking national tours. Knake’s passion for indie bands and seeing live music led to her next gig booking and promoting BUTR Presents nights at the world famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. While continuing to book monthly nights at the Viper Room, Knake took a job at at Warner Bros. Records in 2005 as a New Medial Marketing Manager responsible for creating and executing online marketing and retail plans for artists, comedians & film/tv soundtracks. She specialized in Brand Management, Content Management Systems, Digital Retail Marketing, Viral, Grassroots Marketing, Website & Widget Production, Community and Fan Club Management, Promotions, Sweepstakes and Contesting, Email and SMS Marketing, Lead Generation Marketing, Media Buying, Social Networking and SEO/SEM. Knake worked with a diverse roster of artists, comedians, and film/TV soundtracks. In 2010 Knake was a DJ on South Africa’s largest rock station, 5FM, as part of DJ Jon Savage’s Power Nite of Rock program. Every week, for 3 years, she highlighted a couple new buzzworthy bands from around the world. Visit BUTR’s 5FM archive for a list of songs played live on air. For the last 8 years, Knake has been a pioneer in the music streaming space focused mainly on Spotify playlist promotion and curation for major label and indie artists. She published an article in October 2014 that got picked up around the internet titled 10 REASONS WHY EVERY ARTIST SHOULD BE ON SPOTIFY. Some of the playlists Knake curates you can follow below or on BUTR’s Spotify profile.
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