Country Ambassador UK [Freelance]
Groover in a few lines
Groover is a web platform where artists submit their music to media, labels & music influencers for coverage and get guaranteed feedback.
Opportunity Review
Groover is growing more and more internationally. With more and more American, Canadian, Belgian or English artists, Groover gather music communities, artists & professionals outside from France to create amazing connections across borders ! We are launching an Ambassador program with people who can defend our values, the mission and the product locally. We are looking for an Ambassador in the UK to find and spot new local opportunities.
- Source & onboard new artists & music professionals in the UK - Build partnerships with local actors relevant for Groover value proposition - Represent Groover during a specific music event to meet artists & professionals - Provide a feedback report that summarizes the reception of Groover in the country (so business & product teams can improve the value propositions for target countries) - Detect the best emerging artists in a specific country
Who we are looking for
- You worked in the music industry and you have both experience and network - You know in-depth the English musical scene - You have a business developer mindset and you love to contribute to the growth of a specific project - You love Groover and the value proposition and think you can be able to move the lines for Groover in the UK - Ideally, you are English / speak English / have lived in the UK for at least a few years
- Specific deal to define [only freelance]
Apply for this job
To apply to this offer, you can send an email to with a resume and a link to your Linkedin profil. You are more than welcome to show your motivation for the offer with a letter (for the most classic among you) or with any other personal eccentricity that shows who you are (a rap video of you or your secret radio show).