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Thrace Music is an independent record label founded in 2012 by producer and artist Cristian Tarcea (Monoir). With more than 12 years of musical experience, Cristian Tarcea has grown into becoming one of the leading producers in Romania and Eastern Europe, alongside of building a strong team of talented people and one of the most successful labels in his territory. In charge of dealing with the newer aspects of the music business, including producing and promoting music videos for Thrace artists, we are helping and building a presence on the musical area – dealing with new technologies where the audience can stream our songs. Housing artists such as Brianna, Kate Linn, Dharia, Iarina, YNGA, Sandra N., Monoir, 3RIN and Qupra, we are constantly collaborating with other artists/partners in the music industry from all over the world. With a passion for musical quality – building our teams careers and with a genuine respect for our fans, we are hands on with our work to make sure you get the best music!
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  • Genres
    Dance music
    Dance pop
    Deep house
    Oriental music
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    Good vibes
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  • Genres
    Future house
    House music
  • Moods
  • Attribute
    All supports
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We have Spotify playlists with different genres that can help artists to place their music, can share about the tracks on our Instagram account under the #ThraceSuggests hashtag and repost on SoundCloud.
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