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The Beard Music Group is a boutique Administration and Sync Agency based just outside of Los Angeles. We are building a catalog focused primarily on developing and emerging level talent. Of course we'd welcome the opportunity to represent Lady Gaga, but there's something satisfying in taking part in building a new artist's career. We also love to work with legacy catalogs. Since consumption is no longer restricted to what the majors pay radio to play, there's no reason that an older catalog should be an afterthought. As growth continues, we are continually looking to add great writers and artists from across the globe. Instead of limiting our sync efforts to what can be done in-house or by a small group of partners, we seek to find as many quality partnerships as possible to get the most bang. This includes working with new concepts coming out of the tech world that can prove lucrative.
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  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Country Americana
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
    Pop rock
    Pop soul
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
    Singer songwriter
    Surf rock
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  • Attributes
    Professional production
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  • Genres
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Rap in English
  • Attributes
    Low fidelity
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