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🇧🇷 O Tá no Jukebox foi uma ideia que nasceu de uma epifania, assim, no meio de um show em um festival. A partir do amor e admiração pelo universo da música e suas histórias, hoje o blog conta com um TIME de mulheres que compartilham dessa euforia e buscam um espaço para expressar suas vozes para o mundo, com o intuito principal de focar na cena alternativa. (Por sermos um time, você poderá receber feedback de pessoas diferentes em diferentes músicas!) 🇬🇧 Tá no Jukebox was an idea that was born out of an epiphany in the middle of a show at a festival. Based on the love and admiration for the universe of music and its stories, today the blog has a TEAM of women who share this euphoria and seek a space to express their voices to the world, with the main purpose of focusing on the alternative scene. (Since we are a team, you might receive a feedback from a different influencer each time you send a song!)
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    Alternative rock
    Dream pop
    Electronic rock
    Indie folk
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
    Pop rock
    Psychedelic rock
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    Experimental rock
    Pop Punk
    Progressive rock
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
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    Metal / Heavy metal
    Rap in English
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    Electronic sounds
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