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Synch City is an independent synchronization agency in Montreal. This agency aims to be able to deliver a modern form of exposure to music, that of highlighting talented artists through audiovisual works. The power of the image gives music a new dimension. Synch City is above all a one stop agency, to facilitate the execution of synchronization licenses. We make it a point of honor to maintain good relations, as well as to develop partnerships with audiovisual production studios, music supervisors, advertising studios, video games, etc. To be always more in line with the demand for certain projects, our artists and partners can produce original/exclusive music. If you also want to participate in the Synch City Adventure. CONTACT US !
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Today, sync includes movie music, TV/ web, shows and series, commercials, video games, movie trailers, and more. What we offer artists is a different form of exhibition, in order to allow their works to travel internationally. The artists represented by Synch City retain 100% of the master and publishing rights. You only authorize us to represent you for synchronization licenses, nothing else. We take 20% of the initial sync fee. How to be part of Synch City? - Integrate Synch City: Contact us to obtain a non-exclusive performance contract for your music and be part of our catalog. - We represent you: Our Synch City team, work directly with music supervisors and production studios that place music in the media. - You get paid: When your music is held for a sync license. You receive 80% of the sync fee (our commission is 20%). You keep 100% of all royalties. If you want to be part of our catalog of talented artists, CONTACT US!
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