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Hi ! - I'm a UK (Midlands) based Curator / guitarist / sound engineer / producer / collaborator, You Tuber and keen sharer of new artists and music. Please check my Website, subscribe and get On the Radar ! so we can all grow together, all Twitter followers will get song retweets ! Note !...In order to reach further we MUST help each other...If you want to be added to a You tube playlist, you will be required so subscribe to the channel...Thank You ! Let me tell you my review process briefly, I listen and usually start to write immediately, I think first impressions are important, even then I may go back and reject it if I feel I cant offer anything constructive, but most times I continue. I listen at least another 2 times, usually more and continue to consider the Intro, arrangement, use of instruments, vocal work, general mix and production. Im afraid my sharing policy excludes anything with X-rated words or language, so ir gonna drop the F bomb or similar...either send an edited version or dont send it at all...sorry about that but I pitch to radio sometimes and it just won't get played. About me... I began playing in touring bands during the 80's - 90's, before getting into more recording and production, My music recording journey has taken me from reel to reel tape to the fully digital studio I currently operate. My predominant interest in music is to discover and provide help for new artists who are just starting out, from helping you to get their your music heard, to advice on studio production and live performance, together with linking up with other resources that can help you progress. Like all of you I'm also building my social profiles and it tricky, but if we stay connected we can reach further, and to help you do that I'm able to share your tracks on my Twitter and Reddit feeds, as well as my Spotify Playlist , Discord and website, I also have the opportunity to share to The Outside Left online Arts Mag. Please don't submit anything related to Rap/ EDM / Dub / Reggae, I'm afraid it will be rejected. I look forward to hearing your music !
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Genres accepted most often

Alternative rock
Singer songwriter
Indie rock
Indie pop
Pop rock
They want to receive...
  • Genres
    Alternative rock
    Commercial / Mainstream
    Indie folk
    Indie pop
    Indie rock
    Pop Punk
    Pop rock
    Singer songwriter
  • Attribute
    Unsigned artist
They are also open to receiving...
  • Genres
    Dream pop
    Experimental electronic
    Hard rock
    Melodic metal
    Post punk
    Progressive pop
    Punk Rock
  • Mood
  • Attributes
    Acoustic guitar
    Electric guitar
    Finished track
    Professional production
    Young talent
They don't want to receive...
  • Genres
    Acid house
    African music
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Arabic music
    Asian music
    Bass music
    Beats / Lo-fi
    Bossa nova
    Brazilian music
    Brazilian Funk
    Brazilian Sertanejo
    Canzone Italiana
    Caribbean music
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Chill out
    Christian music
    Classical music
    Cloud Rap / Hip Hop
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Dance music
    Death / Thrash
    Deep house
    Drum and Bass
    Electro swing
    Experimental jazz
    Film music
    French house
    Jazz fusion
    Future house
    German song
    Hard Dance / Hardcore / Hardstyle
    Holiday music
    House music
    Indie India
    Instrumental hip-hop
    International rap
    K-pop / J-pop
    Latin music
    Latin Pop
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Modern jazz
    Neo / Modern Classical
    Nouvelle scene
    Oriental music
    Pop soul
    Progressive / Melodic House & Techno
    Rap in English
    French rap
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
    Solo Piano
    Surf rock
    Traditional music
    Trip hop
    Urban pop
    Chanson Française/Variété
  • Moods
  • Attributes
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Note - To be featured on a main front page post on the website I will be requesting a full Bio and some images, if you don't provide these I will source what I can and the post will go in the Blog. I'm able to comment and provide constructive critique on your song arrangements, chord structures, production, use of instruments, as well as provide some exposure for your material by sharing on my Website and social feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit plus Spotify playlist and The Outside Left online Arts Mag. Please be clear if you are looking for feedback or specific elements, i.e. playlisting, mix or production and arrangement etc, If I offer to share your material please allow a few days for this as I try and share as much as possible, but also like to give some exposure time between posts. My Playlists are not massive but I try and choose the right tracks for each one, and I share the playlists across many groups on Facebook and Reddit, as well as Instagram and Twitter. Please follow our social accounts as it helps us to grow and help YOU reach further.
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They’re looking for...

  • Lyrics in English
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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