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Welcome to my Groover profile, where I share my musical discoveries as an influencer with over one million followers on TikTok! On this profile, you will find my favorite musical selections, ranging from pop to rap, electro and rock. Each piece I share is carefully selected, and I hope you will appreciate the quality and diversity of my choices. As an influencer, I use Groover to connect with emerging artists and discover new talent to share with my community of followers on TikTok. I enjoy helping artists reach their audience, and am always looking for new partnerships and collaborations to promote the music I love. On my TikTok page with over one million subscribers, I share inspiring and creative videos centered around music, including performances, tutorials and tips for aspiring musicians. By combining my TikTok page with my Groover profile, I can offer a complete musical experience for fans of all genres. Feel free to follow me on Groover to discover my latest musical finds, discuss potential collaborations, or simply share your love for music. I am excited to have you here and look forward to sharing my passion for music with you on Groover and TikTok!
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Genres accepted most often

Chanson Française/Variété
Singer songwriter
French rap
Urban pop
They want to receive...
  • Genres
    Caribbean music
    French rap
    Singer songwriter
    Chanson Française/Variété
  • Attributes
    Available on Spotify
    On stage experience
    International potential
    Strong social media presence
    Unsigned artist
    Upcoming project
They are also open to receiving...
  • Genres
    African music
    Christian Music
  • Attributes
    Acoustic guitar
    Professional production
They don't want to receive...
  • Genres
    Canzone Italiana
    Classical music
    Film music
    German song
    Indie folk
    Neo / Modern Classical
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They’re looking for...

  • Lyrics in French
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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