Iuri Sanson

Mentor · Portugal


Iuri Sanson is the lead singer of All About You and Eternity’s End in Europe and Majustice in Japan. Former singer of the band Hibria from 1997 until 2017. He is one of Brazilian vocalists highlighted in the Rock, Heavy / Power Metal scene of Brazil and the world, especially because of their live performances. Recently completed the Music Production and Creation course at ETIC - School of Innovation and Creation Technologies in Lisbon-Portugal. Vocal Coach since 2007, teaches private lessons, and at the Academia de Rock in Lisbon. Teaching kids, young people and adults. The main points of Iuri Sanson’s career are: ● Recording the albuns: “Defying the Rules”, “The Skull Collectors”, “Blind Ride”, DVD “Blinded By Tokyo” recorded live in Tokyo/Japan, “Silent Revenge”, “HIBRIA”, “XX” and “Moving Ground” with Hibria; ● Guest Singer at Soulspell Metal Opera Act I & Act III, on the songs “A Legacy of Honor” e “Hollow’s Gathering”, respectively. ● Guest Singer in the recording of the DVD “10 years Of Soul”, Project Soulspell Metal Opera in 2018; ● Six international tours with Hibria, playing live in Japan(six times), South Korea(two times), Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and China(two times); ● With Hibria, played live two times in the festival Loud Park in Japan in 2009 e 2012; ● With Hibria, realized the opening act concert for the bands Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath; ● Was the singer of the Japanese heavy metal band Loudness at the festival Live’n’Louder (2013) In São Paulo/SP-Brazil; ● With Hibria, played at Rock In Rio 2013. ● Was the guest singer of the band Unleash The Archers(Canada), singing the song Stay Hungry(Twisted Sister cover), part of the album “Time Stands Still”(2015), bonus track for Japan. ● Recorded with Eternity's End, the album “Unyielding” released in 2018, and Embers Of War to be released in November 2021. As producer, was the Vocal Coaching in the following albuns: ● Band Lítera – Album “Um Pouco de Cada Dia”(2009) ● Band It´s All Red – Album “Lead By The Blind”(2015) ● Band Cerberus – Single “Legacy”(2015) ● Band Dóris Encrenqueira – Album “Dóris Encrenqueira”(2017) ● Band Save Our Souls – Single “The Dark Passanger”(2018) ● Band Wolftrucker – Album “Come to the Road”(2018) ● Band It’s All Red – Single “Boneless”(2018) ● Band Lítera – Album “Arquétipos, o Encontro com a Sombra”(2019)
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