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Independent artist who built a big playlist network on Spotify with more than 150k followers and around 3k to 5k active monthly listeners worldwide 100% organic ZERO Bots, moreover i grew to 23k followers on Instagram and almost 2 k followers on YouTube. In addition more than 5 years experience curating
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Languages Greesha wants to review tracks with lyrics in...
Greesha wants to review tracks with lyrics in...
Any language
Localization Greesha wants to review tracks by artists...
Greesha wants to review tracks by artists...
From any country / region
Release date Greesha wants to review...
Greesha wants to review...
Unreleased and released tracks
Musical universe
She.he loves Greesha wants to receive...
Greesha wants to receive...
Country Americana
Dance pop
Deep house
House music
Rap in English
Singer songwriter
She.he likes Greesha is also open to receive...
Greesha is also open to receive...
Dream pop
Latin music
Pop rock
Urban pop
All supports
Big Network if i love your song i will push it hard in all the playlist that it can be a great fit.
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