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Don’s Tunes is about the music. It’s about the sound. It’s about the real thing. I’ve been collaborating with blues & jazz artists & labels for more than 10 years, helping them reach new audiences through my YouTube Channel, my curated Spotify playlists and the amazing community on my social media pages. My passion is to discover lesser known, but extremely talented musicians and to promote songs with an audiophile sound and authentic emotion. Which songs are perfect for Don’s Tunes? (*Please read before submitting) Sound Quality The track must be properly recorded and mastered – with good dynamic range, no audible distortion and clipping Vocals and instruments should sound crisp and clear I prefer longer tracks (> 4 minutes) that have a solo section – guitar, piano, sax or other. For now I only accept songs in English For now I only accept songs with vocals - for my blues / Americana playlists, no instrumental tracks. I accept instrumentals for my jazz playlists on Spotify. Genre and mood of the song As you know the channel is focused mainly on electric blues and vocal jazz Genres like blues-rock, acoustic blues, Americana, dark country, folk and swing can also fit my taste I am big fan of organic, raw and authentic sound. I am not a fan on digitally generated sounds and effects. Most of the songs on the channel are in a relaxing mood, slow tempo (but not always). I like guitar driven sound and gritty and deep vocals. Even if I don’t find your song suitable for the channel I can still promote it on Spotify, Facebook and my other social channels I love songs with good story and captivating lyrics I rarely focus on holiday themed music. ************** Note For my YouTube channel I focus on a specific slow electric blues sound. For that reason to feature a track there it really has to fit the style and mood of the rest of the tunes. For my Spotify I am not that picky and I accept a wider variety of genres depending on the particular playlist. Please take a quick listen before submitting to be sure that your song will fit to the general feeling and atmosphere of the playlist.
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Genres accepted most often

Singer songwriter
Country Americana
Indie folk
They want to receive...
  • Genres
    Country Americana
    Modern jazz
    Singer songwriter
  • Moods
    Meaningful lyrics
  • Attributes
    Acoustic guitar
    Electric guitar
    Available on Spotify
They are also open to receiving...
  • Genres
    Afrobeat / Afropop
    Bossa nova
    Chill / Lo-fi Hip-Hop
    Jazz fusion
    Rock & Roll / Classic Rock
  • Moods
    Good vibes
  • Attributes
    Young talent
They don't want to receive...
  • Genres
    Arabic music
    Asian music
    Classical music
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Dance pop
    Death / Thrash
    Dream pop
    Drum and Bass
    Film music
    House music
    Indie pop
    International pop
    K-pop / J-pop
    Lofi bedroom
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Pop rock
    Pop soul
    Progressive pop
    Psychedelic pop
  • Mood
  • Attribute
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For the last 10 years I’ve collaborated with many famous and relatively unknown blues & jazz artists and labels and helped them reach new audiences through the videos I create on Don’s Tunes YouTube channel, the articles I write on my website, my Facebook page & my meticulously curated Spotify playlists. Organically growing, my pages have become one of the most popular places for fans of blues & jazz music on the web. I am exploring with passion the depths of the genres to discover those special sounding tracks to share with my followers. I am always on the hunt for great songs with real grit and emotion, so if you have one and want it to be featured on my pages here is what to do:
Do an interview
Share on my channel
Add to a playlist
Give detailed advice / feedback
Share on social networks

They’re looking for...

  • Lyrics in English
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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