Geno Moy

Playlist Curator · Chile


I've been a music lover since always, I dedicate a big part of my time to curate playlists, and I have them in many styles and moods. I love Classical and Neo-Classical music, Jazz and instrumental music, alternative music and Indie Folk. My soul mate is a great composer, so I know the ins and outs of a musician's life up close. I mainly look for good and honest music, with memorable melodies, that make me feel a deep emotion whatever its nature, and that above all is created with love and passion. I can guarantee that I will listen to your whole song to feel and extract all its details, I am also passionate about writing, so I guarantee you a decent feedback, in which I will be as honest and detailed as possible. I am an empathetic and kind person, and although I can't commit that I will love every single one of your works, you will never find in my feedback anything that seeks to hurt your feelings, only the desire for your music to improve, that's a promise. My ultimate dream as a music curator is to have enough playlists on my profile that I never find myself in the obligation to reject a good musical work just because it doesn't fit. For the moment I commit to share the pieces that I like and fit in my playlist "Classical Romance | Romantic Classical Music" But don't forget that I'm a music lover and even if I can't always share your song in my main Playlist, you can always gain a listener. Geno
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Genres accepted most often

Neo / Modern Classical
Classical music
Solo Piano
Film music
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  • Genres
    Classical music
    Film music
    Neo / Modern Classical
    Solo Piano
  • Moods
    Good vibes
  • Attributes
    Acoustic guitar
    Live recording
    Finished track
    Professional production
    Radio edit
    Available on Spotify
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  • Genres
    Holiday music
    Modern jazz
    Traditional music
  • Moods
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  • Genres
    Dancehall / Reggaeton
    Death / Thrash
    Hard rock
    Melodic metal
    Metal / Heavy metal
    Pop Punk
    Punk Rock
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Adding the Songs that I like and fit in my playlist: Classical Romance | Classical Romantic Music. Writing decent feedback Being a Potential Listener
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  • Instrumental tracks only
  • Artists from any country/region
  • Unreleased tracks and released tracks

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