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A Southern gal accustomed to the Midwest lifestyle, Candace "2 Can" Breedlove is the JAQUELINE of all trades. She's a voice talent, music influencer and supervisor, event producer, creative director and a radio producer. 2 Can was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where she found her love for music, but was MADE in Chicago. She wears many hats and is involved with various music platforms that cater to local artists from radio play, interviews, performance opportunities and music licensing deals. Alongside her music career, 2 Can is the co-founder and creative director of 6D Networktainment, a 501c3 non-profit artist development organization derived to merge artists with music industry professionals in Chicago. She works alongside of artist manager and event planner Shaunda Brooks and Sam “DJ Unstable” Geralds. 2 Can hosts many of 6D’s events and produces their weekly radio show 6D Radio.
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I can help you get considered for air play on my 501c3 nonprofit organization's show, 6D Radio, which airs on the TuneIn App as well as livestreamed on YouTube. I can also help get artist-friendly music licensing deals with Who'z The Boss Music Library, so you can get paid to have your music played on tv , video game, advertisement as well as other radio platforms. I would LOVE to give feedback on your music. For anyone who would like to be considered for a Zoom interview by me for social media content, we can make that happen as well! I am connected with event producers, A&Rs, venue owners, other radio/media personalities also looking for talent to highlight. Therefore, anything shared on my social media will capture the attention of a music industry professionals who would too provide opportunities for that artists if selected!
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