General terms of use on Groover
Please find on this page:
The general terms of use of the services provided by (last update: 11/23/2018) - in French, available in English soon
The privacy statement of Groover (last update: 11/23/2018)
Information concerning pricing on the Groover platform (last update: 11/23/2018)
Pricing and how it works
To send your tunes to media, labels and music influencers on the Groover platform, you need to purchase Grooviz.
How much do Grooviz cost and how do they work?
The purchasing value of Grooviz is as follows:
1 Grooviz costs €1 including VAT
You can also enjoy or advantageous packs on this page (discount to buy a specific amount of Grooviz).
Sending 1 tune to 1 influencer costs 2 Grooviz.
Where does the payment go?
On the 2 Grooviz spent to send 1 tune to 1 available influencer on Groover, 1 Grooviz will go to the influencer if he provides a feedback. The amount kept by the Groover platform is of 1 Grooviz (= €1 including VAT). Groover also supports the potential transaction fees of the available payment platforms (MangoPay, PayPal).
I’m an influencer, how do I use the Grooviz I earned?
The influencer who received Grooviz for providing feedback can:
  • ● Convert his Grooviz in Euros, as of 10 Grooviz earned in his wallet, to the value 1 Grooviz = €1 including VAT - only if he has a professional status (see CGS)
  • ● Transfer his Grooviz to another Groover user wallet, especially in order to spend Grooviz to send a tune to other influencers
  • ● Keep his Grooviz in his wallet